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Robley James Northup, (Robbie) was born June 3, 1871 in Covington, Dakota County, Nebraska; the 1st of 9 chidren to Benson Leonidas Northup, Sr. and Florell Eleanor CURTIS. (Note: A 10th child was adopted: Rena Day Northup at eleven years of age.) He married #1) Emma Peck; Oct 2, 1895 in Kirkland, Washington, and #2) Ella Hewitt. He died in October, 1934.

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Robley James Northup Family

Children of Robley James Northup

Alberto L. (Bert) Northup b. ?? m. #1) ??
#2) Emma Lou,
d. ??
Loretta E. (Retta) Northup b. Houghton, Washington m. Roy Dick
Child of Loretta and Roy Dick: Carolyn (adopted) m. Paul Prichard
d. June 26, 1966
Ruth Northup b. ?? m. James Hindman
Child of James and Ruth Hindman: Mary Hindman (adopted)
d. August 7, 1979
Wilma Northup b. ?? d. Feb 25, 1990